Patna Rajdhani, or Rajendranagar Rajdhani is run by East Central Railway, connecting Rajendranagar Terminus of Patna to New Delhi. It runs daily from New Delhi and Rajendranagar both. Patna Rajdhani is a fast alternative to other trains between Delhi and Patna..


Patna Rajdhani near Tilak Bridge

Patna Rajdhani covers the distance of 1001 km in just 12 hrs 35 min. It is one of the fastest trains in India. It departs from New Delhi at 1710 and arrives Rajendranagar at 0600 the next day. From Rajendranagar it departs at 1900 and arrives New Delhi at 0735 the next day.



Patna Rajdhani

Patna Rajdhani Express runs at an average speed of 82 kmph (excluding halts), and touches a top speed 130 kmph in the Delhi - Kanpur section of the route.


The train runs on the Golden Quadrilateral route of Delhi - Howrah till Patna Junction, and is one of the most prestigious trains of this route. The train stops at the following stations :

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Patna Rajdhani with old coaches

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